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INTELIMAQ (IQ) specializes in assisting home and small business users of Apple products in northern California while providing in-home and in-office Apple product guidance, system and software instruction, and other support services for the client. We can even instruct you on how to perform routine system maintenance and other tasks that will not void your Apple warranty.

INTELIMAQ (IQ) can assist and instruct you in the purchase, installation, configuration and updating of your Apple software and peripherals. IQ can also advise you on a number of third-party solutions compatible with your system for future upgrade. 

INTELIMAQ (IQ) also offers support via phone, remote link, and video IM at a reasonable rate, with email queries answered free of charge. We DO NOT CHARGE for travel within 30 minutes of our location in Auburn, CA.

INTELIMAQ (IQ) has been assisting consumers and small businesses since 2001. See the ‘About IQ’ page to learn more about the qualifications and history of the owner.

Thank you for making us the ‘go to‘ source for your Apple answers. 


Gunner, Prime Consultant

PLEASE NOTE: IQ only provides software services. For REPAIR or SERVICING of Apple hardware in the Auburn, Roseville and greater Sacramento regions IQ suggests contacting Apple Inc, the Apple Consultants Network, or any number of qualified service providers; IQ maintains a list of contact numbers.

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