Your Home

Just moved in? Internet not working? Can't connect to WiFi? What's an Apple TV? What is iTunes? Why do I need an Apple ID? What is iCloud? What's a backup drive? Do I really need all this stuff?


Need advice, instruction, assistance? Do you need someone to show you how all this works?


IntelimaQ can explain Apple tech in words you understand, then help you get it all up and running right in the comfort of your home!

Your Office

Your iMac is running slow! Your MacBook won't boot! Can't get on the Internet! Email won't send! Apps keep crashing! You're losing money with each passing moment! Security, privacy, malware, data integrity! It's all too much for a one person office! You don't have time for this!


IntelimaQ can diagnose your problems and get them resolved. We come to YOUR office, on YOUR schedule! We explain the tech and the solution and can train you or your personnel to keep things running efficiently!



Whether iMac, AppleTV or MacBook, IQ can help the entire family!



IQ can show you how to use Apple applications for your business.


Remote Assist!

IQ can provide remote help using TeamViewer QS


Microsoft Office 2014

Support Professional

for Mac

Solutions and Services for You!

Intelimaq is an Apple-technology, services and consulting company based in Auburn, CA. We offer specialized services for your home or small business. Whether you are using Apple technology now or migrating to Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, we can help you get the most from your hardware and software to make your life more enjoyable. 

No computer is perfect. Not even an Apple computer. When the hardware or software acts up you need someone who solve the issue in a timely manner. In home, in office, or through remote assistance, IQ can help!


For rate information and other queries, email 

Are you frustrated by tech? Do you need assistance with your router, modem, ISP, or an Apple product? Do you need 'it' to 'just work' for a change?

Intelimaq can help!

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